Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to..

1. How to spend money?
Who am I: consultant
Who are them: poor money management person
What for: create awareness on spending the money wisely
1st Task: decide to buy or not
2nd Task: know that price does matter
3rd Task: ignore your own desire
Outcome: have extra money and saving
Showcase: gallery

2. How to be a 21st century young generation?
Who am I: 21st century youngster
Who are them: young generation
What for: updating with info to be a better person
1st Task: know what happened.
2nd Task: know the language.
3rd Task: know the people.
Outcome: having no problem communicate with each other
Showcase: gallery

3. How to have fun as a kid?
Who am I: happy fellow
Who are them: grown up people
What for: recall childhood memory and happiness
1st Task: wear childlike outfit
2nd Task: find the snack that always be eaten in childhood
3rd Task: talk and act like a kid
4rd Task: get more friends to join you for that day
Outcome: having the fun like a kid back then
Showcase: gallery

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