Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo editing

[ This is the spring photo which edited by me. ]

[ Before ]

[ After ]

For my own photo editing, I made the original photo become a instax mini polaroid photo. The color is adjusted to be more vintage. A fingerprint is 'brushed' onto the photo to enhance the feeling.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

room sweet room

Photos above are what i have done for the 1st project for perspective studies. It was an project of ideal room in one point perspective .

Top view, front evaluation and side evaluation must be done before hand. Next, start to draw out the scale and construction lines for everything. This can be considered as the hardest part which mostly of us did it wrong for the 1st time. Lastly, trace the construction lines out on a whole new paper and refine it with proper furniture.

" Stefie, did you shade your room?", I asked.
" I think that is unnecessary and somemore it might makes your artwork dirty.", Stefie answered.
" I 'll never do such annoying troublesome thing to suffer myself too. ", she continued.
" That is just an excuse lorr. Haha. ", I teased.
Stefie just replied me with her famous 'Wohohohohoho' .
That's why I just left my work in neat form without any shading.

But, this can't be the ideal room of mine after all. Because this is just another piece of rushing work which I finished it on the last minute. Well, simplicity makes the work nice. :P

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'how to..' assignment

Well, this is what done by my groupmates and me for the 'How to..' assignment for Visual Communication. In order to complete this assignment, we actually have to draw out or snap down steps to instruct people how to do something. For our group, we decided to teach people how to insert the film into your manual camera since three of us also get involved with lomography. We snap down every steps and then stick those photos onto antique black card which has been made into film strip shape. We made a container that looks like a film roll in the end to put in the film strip with photos. Tadah! It's ready for presentation then.

I'm very happy having Alvin and Audrey as my groupmates for Visual Communication. Hopefully we can corporate even better and do something more amazing for the final assignment. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

User-testing evaluation

First of all, I have to thank to everyone that helped me out with the user-testing of my icon design. *90 degree bow*

After the evaluation of the user-testing, I did some changes and enhancement to both set of icon design. Since majority thinks that the color combination is nice and not bad, I just made a little bit of change.

The weakness of my icon sets was some of the icons can't be recognized. But, I think this has been overcame after the changes.

The strength of my icon sets are the overall design and color combination. Majority is satisfied with those elements.

Finally, this assignment has come to an end. I really felt grateful that you all were willing to help me. :)