Friday, January 29, 2010


For the first visual communication assignment, a signage that related to environment-saving has to be created. What I did for this signage assignment is

asking people to use energy-saving light bulb.

Well, actually it is a rush work which I managed to finish it 2 hours before the class. I feel lucky since it is now chosen to be exhibited on next week. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


1. Why do you want to use flowchart in your mobile interface design & screen interface design?

Flowchart is a way that can show the process of creating the design in a proper system. Through step by step, I can show out the functions of the design. I can identify the problem encountered. The solution can be found and enhancement can be done through the flow chart as well. This is the simplest logical way to get to the aim.

2. How will it help your user to meet the interactive goals?

First of all. the answer for flowchart is usually either 'yes' or 'no'. these simple yet concrete answer won't make the user confuse or hard to follow up the interaction. It is user-friendly while helping the user to understand the whole thing more easily. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

user-testing on my icon sets

The picture above is the final outcome of my vector icons and pixel icons. A user-testing has to carry out in order to improve those icons more. So, please feel free to complete the questionnaire and give comment on this. I will gladly accept everything. Thanks a lot.

Q0. What are you major in(no matter working or studying) ?

Q1. What do you think the icons above are representing?
a. home, music, gallery
b. contact, music, gallery
c. home, contact, music
d. others...(please specify)

Q2. What do you feel about the color combination?
a. nice
b. not bad
c. under average
d. awful

Q3. Can the color combination brings out the vintage mood?
a. yes, obviously
b. yes, but not that much
c. no, not at all (please state the reason)

Q4. Which theme I used for my icons set?
a. cute
b. button
c. sewing
d. colorful

Q5. Do you feel that both sets of the icons look consistent?
a. yes
b. no (please state the reason)

Q6. Which icon(s) you think is/are harder to be recognized?
(Vector icon from left to right I, II,III)
(Pixel icon from left to right 1, 2, 3)
Please state the reason

Q7. Any other relevant comment regarding to my icons?

The answer of the questionnaire can be left at the comment. If you can't do so, you may leave at the chatbox as well. I feel thankful on your help. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Class studies

It's already the third week for this semester. I have been exposed to things that I never get in touch before. Even for AI, I learned more skill to do vector design.

This the pixel buddy icon I did for my friend. He complained his skin color in the icon was too dark after all. :P

This the icon class practice I did in class. i never try to make an icon with so much details before. Learned how to manage gradient in order to get the effect.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Red stripe on my neck

Mostly of my friends knew that I am a person that likes to take photos. By December of 2009, I receive a Canon 450D as my christmas present. Well, I'm still not familiar with all of those setting yet. Mr. Monitor-Albert, I know you do read this and you better teach me everything you know as fast as possible.

But, what I want share you all here is LOMOGRAPHY that I get in touch at the early middle of 2009. My first lomo camera is black slim devil from ultra wide & slim series. Here comes some photos snapped with it.

After a certain period, I have put my eyes on the black bird, fly camera and I got 1 which is in yellow color using the money I get from secondary school due to the good SPM result. Although using this camera requires some skills and not so easy, but I'm enjoy using it. Photos time.

These are just a part of photos that I took before. If you all wish to have look at the others, you can visit these links below which will lead you to my facebook account. I already arrange them by the kind of slide I used for shooting.
Black slim devil 1st try using normal film
1st EBX
2nd EBX
BBF 1st try using normal film

My dear fellow classmates, you come to me if you wish to know more about lomography. I would love to share everything I know. Don't let the manual camera being whipped out. :)

Well, I usually purchase the camera from this site, Galagalastore.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 things that describe me

Now, I will review the 10 things that fit me well or suitable to describe me. Suppose *scratching head*...

- My voice is loud as I am speaking through a speaker. When I go to karaoke with friends, I can sing louder than those with mic on hand.

- My singing is sucks. I sing just like a duck quacking around.

- Well, I love most of the sweet things. Especially chocolate, ice-cream, cakes and lots more.

- My eyes love to look at anywhere and everywhere(scenery, object, animal, people...) if there is free time. In fact, I'm bringing a camera with me all the time.

I AM A PIECE OF BEAN CURD(tofu/tauhu).
- I am a person that easily get hurt. Not mentally, but physically.

- I don't like to exercise or moving around too much. It's quite rarely to see me goes down to the field. If you saw that, I might having mental disruption or you saw some mirage at that time.

- I have deep eyebags around my eyes just like the panda. I also have a big and round tummy.

- I loves to read and there are a lot of books no matter novel or comis are well-arranged in my mind.

- Sleeping is one of my hobby. The longest record of my sleeping time is about 17 hours.

- Smile is something keep appearing on my face throughout the days.

Pheeewww.. I think that's all about me. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

first entry

Well, blogging is not something new for me since I became a blogger at year 2008. But, i decided to open a whole new blog for academic uses. What can I say, another blog is too personal for letting my new lecturer and friends to read at it *blush* .