Sunday, January 9, 2011

analysis of competitor's website

I have found some kopitiam which are similar Papparich that sell coffee and asian delicacies. And also did the analysis of their website.

Pak Hailam Kopitiam
analysis :
- grid system is not strong but is clear.
- basic typo hierarchy but the info is still quite chunky.
- the navigation button is not obvious and no good treatment on them.
analysis :
- weak grid system.
- the flash for logo seems useless.
- weak typo hierarchy.
- navigation button quite okay.
- interface wise still okay and can be better.

analysis :
- good grid system.
- consistent.
- nice transition and flash.
- good typo hierarchy.
- nice interface design.
analysis :
- well organised.
- basic and clear typo hierarchy.
- nice banner but the interface is same for evey pages, should have different background.
- quite user friendly.
- nice grid system.

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