Sunday, January 9, 2011

analysis of papparich kopitiam website

The client website that I am redesigning is Papparich kopitiam. Papparich kopitian is a coffee shop with the concept of traditional classic malaysian style. They are selling coffee and asian delicacies at affordable prices yet the quality is the main factor to attract the customer. The shop is embodying the classical feel that you have experienced in the small kopitiam back in the oldies.

Analysis of the website :
- weak grid system.
- navigation button bar is at the bottom which the viewer might can't find them.
- plain color background made the website seems boring and unfinished.
- lack of consistency for every page.
- weak typo hierarchy.
- not well-organised.
- weak interface design.
- not user friendly, viewer have to refocus when proceed to another page.

1 comment:

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